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Equipment Participation
SEM Zeiss Auriga 40%
SEM FEI QuantaTM 200 30%
Difractometer Panalytical X’Pert MRD 90%
Difractometer D500 60%
AFM Bruker Dimension Edge 30%
Electrical resistance measuring apparatus 40%
INSTRON 5882 40%
INSTRON 1195R 20%
Potentiostat Autolab PGSTAT128N 30%
Apparatus for thin layer deposition 30%
Tri Arc Furnace – Czochralski. 10%
TEM JEOL 2200FS 30%
TEM JEOL 2000FX 30%
Difractometer Panalytical X’Pert MPD 90%
Difractometer Rigaku Rapid II 60%
Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS 20%
INSTRON 1186R 20%
Micro-hardness Qness Q10 30%
Cryomill Union model 01-ATTRITOR 40%
Optical furnace 20%
Universal Induction furnace for the growth of monocrystals in a closed crucible by the Bridgman method 10%
Difractometer Bruker D8 Advance 60%
Laue Photonic Science for orientation of the Monocrystalline samples 10%
Mono Arc furnace for polycrystals samples preparing 10%
Resistive furnaces for Annealing and melting of materials 15%
Chemical Laboratory 10%
Technology workroom 40%
X-ray cooling, formation of demineralized water 40%
New equipments
Universal X-Ray difractometer 100%
SAXS / GISAXS system 100%
Universal Static-dynamic deformation and fatigue machine 100%

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